Save the Stanmore
Campaign to stop the demolition of the Stanmore

Save the StanmoreWe need your help again

Back in February, Winchester City Council's Planning Committee voted to save the Stanmore and rejected the proposal to knock down the Stanmore and build a nursing home.

That wouldn't have happened without your support.

Now the Stanmore is under threat again.

The developer who wants to knock down the Stanmore has appealed against the decision.

No-one thought we could win before, but we did. We want to pull off the same result again.

To find out more about the appeal and to have your say on it, go to the the national planning portal via this link or visit and search for APP/L1765/A/08/2078661. The deadline for comments is August 15, 2008. You can email them directly to

You can read about the application that the City Council refused on the City Council's website online planning applications page: click on 'Public Access Link' and look up the planning application with reference 07/02967/FUL. That's also the place to find the documents submitted by Colten Homes for their appeal (labelled 'Appeal').

To keep in touch with the campaign and have your say on this website, please sign the petition.

About the campaign

On February 20, 2008, Winchester's City Council was scheduled to decide whether to allow the demolition of the Stanmore and its replacement by a nursing home.

The Stanmore is an important community facility for the Stanmore area. Aside from being a local pub, its function rooms are used for local community groups and for wakes, weddings, christenings and funerals by local people - although it has suffered from lack of investment.

We believe it needs investment and modernisation, not demolition.

The proposals would have put extra pressure on parking and the size of the proposed nursing home buildings would have dominated its neighbours.

Your comments

Laura Gardner
Don't let us loose another great community pub. - May 4th
Robert Alan Stanmore
My wife and I visited THE STANMORE many times in our younger days. It was a friendy place to relax also being a namesake of mine was an attraction. SAVE THE STANMORE!! - June 20th
Lee Bumstead
It will be a shame to see the Stanmore go. I have many fond memories of working there behind the bar some 20 years ago. - December 3rd
Chris Duff
I cant belive that one man Martin Whitehead has the right to overturn the councils desision PLEASE PLEASE fight this It will put Laods of school children in danger and we will lose our community pub - November 11th
Duncan Coombes
As a child I remember sitting outside with a coke. Whenever we come back to winchester we visit the stanmore. We are hoping to be moving back to stanmore soon and it would be a great loss if the stanmore was not present. It is a well used local Pub and it should stay as such. - October 31st
Carol Bartlett
The Stanmore is the only pub we can walk to, it is welcoming and friendly and is a great place to meet at the end of the working day! - August 5th
Michael Bartlett
The Stanmore Hotel is an important local amenity for Stanmore, Olivers Battery and Badger Farm and should remain as a local pub - August 5th
Charles Jennings
Wonderful initial result! The proposed development was not in the interests of the Stanmore community. It was removing a community facility with the intention of replacing it with a facility that few living in Stanmore could ever afford. - March 16th
The country is running out of good public houses. If people are fighting to keep this pub open, it must be a huge benefit to the community. For once let the people speak. - March 7th
Maianna Elmitt
So pleased to see the latest decision from the council! Well done to all of you involved in the campaign. - March 2nd
Mark Dragon
I grew up in Stanmore and like my family used the ammenities the pub had to offer. I could not see the benefits that a nursing home would give to the community! ( Only the fact we could all go there when we are passed it...) I live overseas now, but when i come back to visit family and friends, i would hope to still be able to visit the Stanmore - March 1st
Robert Harvey
The Stanmore is a fine local amenity, with brilliant staff who really care about the business and its customers. I live overseas, so I can only come in when I am back home, but, when I am back home I am a regular customer and I am always made to feel welcome by the staff and other customers. Keep up the good work and keep The Stanmore open! - February 25th
Elaine Billimore
SAVE THE STANMORE - February 24th
Nicola Harris
We had our wedding recpt here, and alot of other family events. Keep the stanmore!! - February 21st
Peter Land
The only pub or catering establishment of any kind serving the hundreds of households of Oliver's Battery. To demolish it would be ludicrous. - February 20th
Glenn Sumner
Thank you to everyone for your support.We wre delighted with the result today but an appeal is expected we hope we can call on your support in the future, thanks again from save the stanmore group. - February 20th
Rosemary Guymer
I have stayed at this pub when visiting relatives. This pub is a where the locals are really friendly. You get a real sense of community from the stanmore, and it must continue. with so many local facilities closing it makes you wonder what will be left for local residents to enjoy!! - February 20th
Stacey Macnaughton
i am disgusted that they are thinking of destroying the stanmore hotel it is a major community facility ,the council should not be taking away facilities they should be protecting them please dont allow this to happen. - February 19th
Patrick James Young
As someone who has worked in the trade for many years, and been a frequent visitor to The Stanmore, I am appalled and disgusted that the council could even entertain the idea of pulling down the pub. It has been busier than ever in recent months and is a vital meeting point for a large community. I whole heartedly support the campaign to save it. Patrick Young, Steward, Badger Farm Social Club - February 19th
Lucy Robinson
There is problems with parking already in Stanmore Lane, this will make it worse + the Stanmore is a nice decent family pub which is needed in Stanmore. - February 19th
Neil Ashwell
This pub is part our community, please do not replace this with a nursing home. - February 18th
Gillian Giles
Please save this pub, we would be lost without our local!!! - February 18th
Jessica Giles
The Stanmore has been part of our community for many years. Its a great place where people get together. The food is great and there is cheap accommodation. The community with be lost without this Public House. - February 18th
Andy Morton
if we no longer have the use of the car park stanmore lane will be at a stand still parents, residents and staff from the nursing home all wanting to park .this is a community facility we need the facilities the stanmore hotel provides . - February 17th
Mike Hill
please keep the stanmore there must be other places in wichester you could put a nursing home without taking away community facilities - February 17th
Ian Lawrence
Please save our local pub the community needs it but it does not need a nursing home. - February 17th
Anthony Pardey
This is a great pub and we dont want to see it go. - February 17th
Abby Dinn
Keep the stanmore, we all need a place to go in our community to meet friends and celebrate special occasions and for many years we have been able to do this at the stanmore. please let this continue. - February 17th
Eddie Hoare
The stanmore is a nice pub which i like to visit for a meal occasionally and it should not be replaced with a nursing home. - February 17th
Dot Lawrence
Dont close the stanmore it serves our community well and should carry on for many more years to come. - February 17th
Tracy Simmonds
It would be a real shame to take away our pub that the community has had for so many years,its a disgrace to even think about demolishing it to make way for a nursing home. - February 17th
Dave King
Dont take away our community pub. - February 17th
Peter Avery
have used this lovley pub on loads of occasions though i am not local i meet my friends there who are local. i lost my local pub in eastleigh (the Golden hind) and although we protested it still got demolished. we are losing way to many public houses up and down th ecountry, they are base's for the local community to relax, chat, entertain etc etc. don't let this community lose this great pub, its needed by 1 and all. - February 17th
Jake Cleary
Keep the Stanmore as it is.... we don't need a nursing home! - February 17th
Rev. Cannon Raymond Guymer
My wife and I have stayed at The Stanmore on several occasions. I can't believe that changing this facility to a private nursing home is even being considered. This is an outrage! - February 17th
Iona Parker
Please save our pub. - February 17th
Kevin Borrow
I've been a patron of this establishment for many years.... Don't close it.... It is a point of contact for many of the residents of Stanmore! - February 17th
Kelly Macnaughton
the facilities the stanmore hotel provide would be a great loss to stanmore,badgers farm and olivers battery it is not just one community it will affect.please save the stanmore - February 16th
Micheal Phillips
Im in complete objection to the closing of the Stanmore. Although I live in Harestock, the Stanmore is my local, for many reasons! There is no good reason why the Stanmore should be demolished and a PRIVATE nursing home built! I cant believe it is being considered! considered! - February 16th
Scott Northway
No, no, no. I've seen too many interesting and valuable buildings pulled down in my native Reading and it would be a real shame to lose The Stanmore in the same way. An attractive building that is a real landmark for the area and invaluable to Stanmore itself. - February 15th
David Fransworthy
Dont destroy Stanmore! - February 15th
Benny Grace
I may no longer live in Stanmore but to demolish this building would be a travesty. The heart of any community is where they meet and in Stanmore it is the stanmore. We all moan about the loss of culture and here we are again fighting to protect it. Please do not even consider closing the pub, you close the pub and you kill the community! - February 14th
Kayleigh Cuthbert
The Stanmore pub is a huge part of Stanmore! - February 14th
Isabel Guymer
I've always enjoyed my stays at the Stanmore. I want to be able to carry on doing so! - February 14th
Jonathan Guymer
My wife and I have stayed at this establishment on several occasions when visiting family in the local area. We have always found it to be friendly and welcoming. I cannot understand why you would want to put a nursing home there. I say save the stanmore!!! - February 14th
Kirsty Parker
the stanmore has been a focal point for many of the stanmore residents for many years now. It would be a shame to lose this. My main concern would have to be the safety of the children using St.Peters and Kings schools. The traffic problems this will cause will be dangerous for them. - February 14th
Sue-Anne Macnaughton
even though i live in Eastleigh i visit the Stanmore regulary as i have relatives that live in the area. The Stanmore should be kept as it is - February 14th
Natalie Hickman
You can not replace a huge landmark in the Stanmore comunnity with a damn nursing home! I can't even believe it is being considered yet again! - February 14th
Hannah Lawson
This building has been sa big part of so many people's lives for so many years it would be a tragedy if it closed. - February 14th
Charlotte White
I was born in winchester and lived there for a few years however my grandad has now recently passed on but had gone to this pub every week. The stanmore was a place of refuge from the hard times he faced at home. Also winchester is a place where historical beauty is found so why destroy something so old and memorable? - February 13th
Kerry Foster
we need this pub - February 13th
Jonny Hyde
We need this pub in our community - February 13th
Thom Cromar
I would like to express my concerns about the closing of the stanmore and ask that the decision to close it be looked at again. And that the thoughts and feelings of those who oppose its closure be taken into greater consideration in a hope that it be saved and remain open. - February 13th
Chris Randall
Its going to cause even more conjestion on stanmore lane and olivers battery road north and when theres more traffic co2 emmisions will rise!! also its a bloody good pub - February 13th
Robin Esterden
Oh My god. you actually cant get rid of the stanmore. its amazing. i take refuge there. =) LOL but serious dont knock it down your evil x - February 13th
Hannah Baldwin
SAVE STANMORE you cant get rid of it. Its like history in winchester getting rid of its like getting rid of the cathedral you just dont do it. - February 13th
Bonnie Styles
this establishment is brilliant how could anyone consider getting rid of it. the stanmore is very helpful to alot of people including parents of the local school children. i suggest it is saved so sign the petition please. - February 13th
Lisa Dunn
Basically this is an awesome pub and you cant get rid of it as its going to inconvienience stanmore greatly!!!!!!! - February 13th
Tim Jones
Stanmore Hotel has been a integral part of the community for many years, it should be left that way and not closed to make make for additional housing. - February 13th
Amy Broomfield
The stanmore hotel is a community asset and benefits a wide range of people within the stanmore and surrounding areas. Demolition of this site will have a negative effect and be a real loss to a greater number of people compared to the people that may use the nursing home. - February 13th
Luke Stagg
Im against it mainly because of the conjestion issue... it sometimes takes over 5 mins to get out the top already... - February 13th
Craig Giles
this is a great pub were EVERY ONE on the estate and around winchester have used for years... for weddings,,buisness and socialising....... ENOUGH PUBS HAVE ALREADY BEEN SHUT DOWN FOR HOUSING... - February 12th
Thomas Fox
save it!!! - February 12th
Kelly Macnaughton
we should not have to loose are local pub and all its facilities, for a nursing home that is not wanted by the stanmore resedents. - February 12th
Jennifer Seymour
please can you save the pub! - February 12th
Jill Read
I have lived in Stanmore for most of my life and the Stanmore Hotel and always been a local landmark as well as a popular pub and I have attended several parties at the function room, there is no other room other than at a social club. There is only one other pub in the area although there are social clubs they are for members only. The Stanmore is a unique building, there should be a conservation order on it. A nursing home(while needed) would not be of benefit to the residents of Stanmore as the majority would not be able to afford the prices(even with help from social services) which would be about £800 - £900 a week based on the other homes this company owns. This corner is already a nightmare with the traffic lights(which only allow a few cars through at a time) and the school traffic without the added congestion of staff trying to get to work. Also without the parking space which is available for school traffic both morning and evening the problem would be even worse. - February 12th
Esme Eastwood
To the locals The Stanmore Hotel is the focal point of the community and an essential meeting place. You can see from the support and energy being put into this campaign that the Stanmore is not just a 'pub', it is something that the local resident care deeply about and are willing to fight for. If the pub closes that community spirit may disappear altogether. - February 11th
William Rose
The Stanmore provides a much needed meeting point for local residents and ensures that a sense of community exists. Without this sort of facility the area would become just a collection of houses and not the vibrant community capable of maintaining such a rigorous campaign in the face of such apparent indifference. This is an opportunity for the council to demonstrate they care about the local people and listen to what they are so unanimously saying!!! - February 11th
Elise Battison
The New Queen's Head is too far for many Stanmore residents to get to and limits the choice of it's inhaitants. With reduced bus services people cannot go out in town unless they can afford a taxi home so to remove a local pub and meeting place for several clubs would be madness. The traffic on Stanmore lane is already appalling at rush hour with not enough having been invested in the road and trafficlights to make sure people can get in and out of the estate safely so increasing traffic would be ludicrous. The owners have siad they would not allow people to work a shift pattern that would increse the traffic but knowing this industry it would mean not being able to employ anyone. Will they really not allow any staff to arrive or leave between 7.00am -9.00am and 4.00 -6.00pm? - February 11th
Jo Marshall
The Stanmore Hotel is a part of our community, you know that if you want to pop in for a drink, you know that there will be someone in there that you know. I celebrated by 21st birthday party and my sister's had their wedding reception and birthday parties in their. Oliver's Battery Primary school have held quiz nights for friends and parents of Oliver's Battery. The car parking area is very well used for the Roman Cathlic School, St Peters in Oliver's Battery Road South. This particular road gets incredibly congested during the school runs, and St Peter's Primary School do not have a big enough car park to cater for the high volume of cars that are used by parent/guardians droping off their children. We need to keep the community together, not to bring in a nursing home, I am sure the traffic the nursing home will cause will just add to the congestion that goes on already at the top of Stanmore Lane. INVEST MORE MONEY INTO THE STANMORE HOTEL.... - February 11th
Helen Sumner
I am against the Stanmore being demolished and turned in to a nursing home as it would be a great loss to the local community. How would a nursing home benefit the local residents? This will only segregate the different nationalities by encouraging them not to socialise together. - February 11th
Desmond Johns
In 1981 I had the opportunity to put-up at the Stanmore when I was employed by my then my firm and on a number of occasions since I moved to Winchester I considered myself very fortunate to have a 'local' particularly due to the scarcity of such pubs in the immediate area and I think it would be very sad to lose it. On the subject of the intended replacement unfortunately money 'talks' in many ways and I have little or no faith in the local councils on matters such as this. It matters little to them what is knocked down or put up providing the rewards are good. I consider the 6 points made by the opposition are valid and should be supported by all residents and in my view another nursing home in that particular place would satisfy only the builders and the owners. It should also be remembered that the US owners of the Sunrise Homes are on track to build another such 'home' on Stockbridge Road. Is the Publican the present owner or does a brewery have an interest? - February 11th
Nicky Smith
The pub industry is really suffering to wine bars and restaurants, how many nursing homes does one city need anyway? why should we lose a fantastic local establishment? - February 11th
Daniel Rosher
If local pubs keep being forced to close the pool league will really struggle, with less 'proper' pubs in Winchester that offer pool tables and dart boards the sports will die out. So many pubs in the area have been turned into wine bars or restaurants/takeaways that the ones that are left will struggle with the amount of people wanting to have a quiet drink and game of pool. - February 11th
Maz Rosher
Enough pubs in Winchester have closed in the last few years. The Stanmore is one of the few local pubs where you can still take your children during the day, the only pub in Stanmore which has a separate dining area and a sparate function room. The pub is often busy and the function room used regularly, although less since the proposed plans were submitted last year. The local Pool league and the football teams often use the pub for their presentation evenings. It would be a great loss if the pub was to close. - February 11th
Tessa Pittick
The Parking in Stanmore is already ridiculous and the estate cannot handle any more traffic! The Stanmore hotel is an important part if the community and offers one of the only affordable, licenced, private function rooms in the area. It would be a geat loss for the local residents and the whole of Winchester alike. - February 11th
Jenni Doel
The Stanmore is an important part of the community and is used by people of all walks of life. It will have a great impact if demolished, not only on the regular users but with the loss of the coference/function room and affordable bed and breakfast. Contractors working in the area often stay at the hotel and it has proven to be a point of contact for many local businesses. One of the most immediate impacts will be on parking, the parking in Stanmore is already impossible and at school times will become more so, as currently parents use the car park and they will no longer be able to do so if the plans go ahead especially as the outlined plans do not even seem to offer enough parking for staff and visitors, where do they expect these people to park? we would have the same situation as we had on cromwell road where the parking got so bad no cars could get through - let alone buses or emergency services! So many pubs have closed in winchester in the past few years, with more and more homes being built and the influx of students to the area the few local pubs left will become over crowded and anti social behavior will inevitably follow, or else people will give up on Winchester and its recent decline and look elsewhere for entertainment! Although i no longer live in Stanmore it will always be my local pub and the place we have birthday parties, receptions, the pool and football presentation evenings and business meetings, as long as it stands. - February 11th
Patricia Rees
it is not right to take our pub for a nursing home that we will not not benefit from the stanmore is a great place to drink it is a community facility that we won't to keep we are all very close and there isn't anywhere you would get that. The pub could flourish with the right management. - February 11th
Elaine Billimore
SAVE THE STANMORE!! - February 11th
Russell Webb
I visit the pub from time to time for family get togethers, whether they be wedding receptions or wakes. A large part of the family comes from Stanmore and use the pub regularly. - February 8th
Ian Dykes
My family and I have been using the Stanmore for decades. We have had many family functions/parties there and visiting relatives have stayed there. - February 8th
Kevin Hitchings
This would stop local amenities - we use the hotel as overspill for family visits and this must not happen - PLEASE!!! - February 8th
Andrew Holder
this is a focal point of stanmore which stands proud at the highest point it should remain as a pub for all to enjoy - February 7th

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